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ItemCurrent FeeUnit
FARMER'S Market Certification (Res. 82-80)  
On-site Inspection (during office hours)
On-site Inspection (weekends, holidays)
CERTIFIED Producer Certificate (Res. 82-90)  
On-site Inspection
$50.00site inspection
FARM Labor Contractor Registration$25.00in County/No fee for out of County
INSPECTION and Certification Services (Res. 294-82 & Res. 502-74)  
County prepares export Document
$18.00per lot inspection
County prepares certificate of quarantine compliance (CQC)
$13.00per certificate
Inspection for certification during office hours
$42.00per call
Company prepares export document
$13.00per lot inspection
Added fee for inspection after hours
$35.00per call
Issuance of compliance agreement or special document
$36.00per agreement or document
Inspections relating to compliance agreements
$67.00per hour, half hour minimum charge
LETTUCE Inspection (Res. 226-81)$2.25per 100 standard pack cartons or equivalent
$20.00daily minimum
Services of Biologists or Inspectors
$67.00hour regular rate
Services of Biologists or Inspectors
$100.00overtime hourly rate and holidays
COPIES of records (self service)  
Per page
Per disk
MISCELLANEOUS Services of support staff (receptionist)$40.00per hour
Services provided by the Mosquito Abatement District to non-residents of the district shall be charged at the current rate for the staff providing the services and all materials
Time and materials 
Mosquito-eating Gambusia sold to residents who reside outside of the CSA 53 service area
6 - 30 Fish
30 - 60 Fish
PEST Control Advisor's Registration (Res. 82-80)$10.00home County
Control Advisor's Registration
PEST Control Operator Registration (Res. 82-80)* except Landscape Maintenance Gardeners$50.00 
PILOT Registration (Res. 82-80)$5.00 
SALAD MIX Inspection$0.035per 20 lb. box or equivalent
STRUCTURAL Pest Control Operator Notification$0.00 
STRUCTURAL Pest Control Business Registration
STRUCTURAL Pest Control Operator Registration
STRUCTURAL Pest Control Field Representative Registration
STRUCTURAL Pest Control Qualifying Manager Registration
COMMERCIAL Devices, testing of (Res. 55-83)
All charges to be on a portal-to-portal basis plus mileage charges as indicated.Based on schedule of fees as published by the Division of Measurement Standards as authorized by California Business and Professions Code Section 12210.5
Large Capacity Scales (all scales exceeding 3,000 lbs. capacity 10,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. GVW*
$100.00per hour
More than 40,000 lbs. GVW*
$130.00per hour
Retail Gasoline Dispensers
$70.00per hour
Small Capacity Scales
$85.00per hour
Wholesale Petroleum Meters
$70.00per hour
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Meters
$70.00per hour
All Other Commercial Devices
$70.00per hour
*Mileage charge to be added for scale testing  
Per mile for any vehicle up to 10,000 lbs. GVW
$1.50per mile
Per mile for vehicles 10,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. GVW
$2.00per mile
Per mile for vehicles exceeding 40,000 lbs. GVW
$2.50per mile
COMMERCIAL Service Agent Examination Fee (weighing/measuring device repairers)$35.00 
**REGISTRATION FEES (annual) - Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices (Res. 5-83)
(See Note On Final Page Regarding State Administrative Fees)
Vehicle (other than livestock) with capacities greater than 10,000 lbs.
Per location
Per device
Dormant (other than livestock) with capacities 2,000 to 10,000 lbs.
Per location
Per device
Livestock with capacities 2,000 to 10,000 lbs.
Per location
Per device
Scales with capacities of 100 to 1,999 lbs.
Per device
Per Location
Stationary & Truck Mounted LPG Meters
Per location
Per device
Wholesale & Vehicle Meters
Per location
Per device
Per location
Per device
Retail water meters, wire meters (when only type of device present)
Per location
Per device
All other commercial weighing and measuring devices (except seasonally-used and submetered devices
Per location
Per device
**Weighing Devices seasonally-used, light capacity, produce scales; annual registration fee when:  
Field tested (tested on site)
Per location
Per device
Office tested (brought to a Weights & Measures facility for testing):
First device
Each additional device
**MOBILE HOME parks, recreation vehicle parks, and apartment complexes:  
Commercial weighing & measuring device
$100.00per location
Additional fee per space or apartment. For water meters.
$2.10per device
Additional fee per space or apartment. For electric and vapor meters.
$3.10per device
**Registration fees not paid by February 15th shall have added to them a penalty fee of up to one-half the amount of the registration fee.  
**POINT OF SALE (scanner) SYSTEM annual registration fee (SCC0 5.41)  

1 to 3 devices

4 or more devices
MISCELLANEOUS Services of Inspectors  
Services of Inspectors
$67.00regular hourly rate
Services of Inspectors
$100.00overtime hourly rate and holidays
Standby and re-inspection fee for devices out of tolerance except for heavy capacity and cattle scales$67.00per hour, one half hour minimum charge
Standby and re-inspection fee for heavy capacity and cattle scales$130.00per hour
Second reinspection for all devices will be subject to a one hour minimum charge$67.00per hour
NOTE:  The device registration fee increases reflect annual State administrative fees for every commercial weighing, measuring, and counting device registered in California.  By law the administrative fees must be collected by each county and paid to the Department of Food and Agriculture for every commercial device registered in the county beginning January 1, 2012 and annually thereafter.  State law requires payment of a fee in the amount specified in Title 4, Division 9, Chapter 3, Article 3 (Annual Device Administrative Fee) Section 4075 of the California Food & Agricultural Code.  County office of weights and measures may retain the administrative fees collected from those business locations subject to the maximum annual registration fee set forth in Subsection (n) of Section 12240 of the Business and Professions Code and may retain up to 15% of all other administrative fees collected in accordance with Section 4075.